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News from the Team at Range Ford

  1. 7 October 2021

    How Ford’s Designers Developed a Camouflage That Helps #NextGenRanger Hide in Plain Sight

    Camouflage stickers with mind-bending patterns, squiggles, and swirls; car makers go to great lengths to protect their top-secret prototypes from prying eyes.

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  2. 16 September 2021

    Ford Unveils Confident Updated Fiesta ST: The High-Tech Hot Hatch

    Ford today revealed the updated Fiesta ST, featuring confident, fresh styling and an enhanced technology package making the compact hot hatch more future-ready than ever.

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  3. 9 September 2021

    Get Ready for the Next-Gen Ranger!

    Ford today released the first official glimpse of the #NextGenRanger, which will be revealed later this year ahead of a 2022 launch.

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  4. 17 June 2021

    New Research Shows Which States Are More Likely To Break The Rules, And More

    Playing Chicken With Road Safety? New Research Shows Which States Are More Likely To Break The Rules, And How COVID Has Impacted Driver Confidence.

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  5. 13 May 2021

    Ford To Supply New Ford Ranger Divisional Vans To Victoria Police

    Victoria Police has selected the Ford Ranger to renew its divisional van fleet, with plans for 200 vehicles to be supplied each year. With design and development of the Ranger led in Australia, the deal continues Ford Australia’s long association with Victoria Police and the supply of emergency services vehicles.

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  6. 3 May 2021

    Ford and ARB Announce Collaboration to Supply Off-Road Accessories for Ranger and Everest

    Two iconic global brands – ARB and Ford – are joining forces in a high-level collaboration to sell selected off-road accessories as Ford Licensed Accessories through participating Ford dealers in Australia from the second half of 2021.

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  7. 22 April 2021

    Updated Ford Ranger Ready To Work With New Ranger 4x2 XL SPORT and more

    Work just got a little more fun thanks to the introduction of new and enhanced Ford Ranger models, as well as improved standard safety features and powertrain choices for existing variants, in showrooms from July.

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  8. 20 April 2021

    Ford Adds Premium Package ‘ST-3’ To Ford Performance Focus ST

    Headlights that use a camera to ‘see’ the road ahead. A large panoramic glass roof, and a head-up display. Ford Australia has added a premium and performance flagship to the Focus ST family. Meet the limited-run Focus ST-3.

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  9. 5 March 2021

    12-Seater, 410L Transit Bus With Automatic Transmission As Standard Arrives in Australia

    Ford Australia has added the 12-seater Ford Transit Bus to the popular Transit line-up.

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  10. 18 February 2021

    Ford Ranger Tradie Special-Edition brings equipment upgrades designed for the Worksite

    Ford Ranger Tradie offers compelling value for customers looking for a workhorse with improved capability, whether it’s for a local worksite or a remote property.

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